You have untapped strength.

I promise you this: you can lift more than you think. You can do more reps than you think. You have so much strength, just waiting to be applied, and I can't wait to help you uncover it.

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It's not secret - I like a tough workout. That's why I've created a library of programs for my gym girlies that are invested in the journey to their strongest, most resilient self.

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  • It's you vs. you.

    We are are own competition. When we walk in, it's a battle to beat our personal best. Blinders on, it's you versus you babe.

  • We cheer eachother on.

    In and outside of the gym, we love to see each other succeed. We ALWAYS clap for each other.

  • We don't give up.

    We might pause. We might rest. But we don't give up. We dig deep to finish strong and keep our promises to ourselves.

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Hey girl!

I'm Jorry! I offer in-app progressive overload training to become the strongest version of yourself. I'm an IFBB Wellness Pro and devoted gym girlie, and I can't wait to train with YOU.